Thursday, October 31, 2013

Managing Poor Performance & Incapacity

Managing Poor Performance & Incapacity Book Now for our 2 day course. 18 - 19 February 2014 Managing Poor Performance & Incapacity equips managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills to investigate, counsel and deal with cases of poor performance, incompatibility, intermittent absenteeism, sick leave abuse, genuine incapacity and repeated minor misconduct. This programme is targeted at team leaders and employee representatives. Based on a proven system integrating medical referrals and professional counselling/rehabilitation with the corrective disciplinary requirements of the LRA, this programme takes a fresh look at discipline in the workplace. Content • Demonstrate an understanding of the legislation underpinning the 
management of poor performance, absenteeism, sick leave, 
incapacity and minor misconduct at the workplace. • Apply a structured problem solving approach to dealing with 
employee shortcomings in the workplace. • Identify unacceptable employee performance and behaviour and counsel and/or reprimand an employee constructively. • Refer an employee for professional counselling/medical assessment. • Conduct a formal corrective interview with an employee and take 
appropriate corrective action. • Give recognition to an employee whose performance or conduct has improved. Full List of Public Workshops Full List of Training Programmes BOOK NOW IN... Contact B&A